Becoming Fireflies

Becoming Fireflies names for Copy Press its new digital imprint for moving image and spoken word; and it calls for a community of flashes shining out, dances in spite of all, of thoughts to transmit that engage with an ethos that puts engendering centre stage and are unrestricted by genre or category.

Becoming Fireflies does not receive funding through revenue so to enable future possibilities please support this endeavour with a donation.



In a shallow time /Anne Tallentire
A silent animation exploring the limits of material and image, 5 mins.
Video editing/George Bularca. Photography,  Post-production/Jono Lomax.  Graphics/Opal Morgen.

Please support Becoming Fireflies with a donation.


A Bird to overhear— /Brece Honeycutt
Audio-visual images: history, landscape, birds, 25 mins.
Photography, filming/Brece Honeycutt. Script, narrator/Brece Honeycutt. Script editor/Vit Hopley. Producer/Yve Lomax. Video-editing,  Post-production/Jono Lomax.  Graphics/Opal Morgen. Thumbnail image/Brece Honeycutt.
pdf download: script and notes

Please support Becoming Fireflies with a donation.


Sunrises/Isobel Wohl
Words, description and language dawning, 11 mins.
Words, screen-recording/Isobel Wohl.  Post-production/Jono Lomax.  Graphics/Opal Morgen. Thumbnail image/Isobel Wohl.


Sky Pool/Jaspar Joseph-Lester
An audio-visual essay: image, capitalism and urban space, 10 mins.
Script – Filming – Direction/Jaspar Joseph-Lester. Narrator/Kristina Chan. Video-editing – Post-production/Jono Lomax. Editorial/Yve Lomax. Graphics/Opal Morgen. Thumbnail image/Joe Wolff Joseph.
pdf download: script, Sky Pool


Fungus/Bod Liqbt (Chris Fite-Wassilak & Mark Siebert)
Song, synthesized sound and a science fiction, 7 mins.
Video footage/Vivian Butterworth. Micrograph imagery/Jennifer McGaley & Lilah Fowler. Video editing/ Chris Fite-Wassilak. Post-production/Jono Lomax. Graphics/Opal Morgen.
pdf download: lyrics, Fungus


The Conversation/Gill Addison
Gesture, colour and sound, and a photograph taken at Cannes Film Festival 1966, 5 mins.
Director – Editor/Gill Addison. Post-production/Jono Lomax. Title graphics/Opal Morgen.
pdf download: script and postscript, The Conversation


Threshold/Jono Lomax
A film, silent, 6 mins.
Assistants/Hopley & Lomax. Graphics/Opal Morgen.
pdf download: a supplement


The Colour of Words/Jane Bustin
Notes from Latvia, images and a read performance in 6 parts, 5 mins.
Video editing/Jacob Gryn. Post-production/Jono Lomax. Graphics/Opal Morgen
pdf download: transcript, The Colour of Words


One after the other/Vit Hopley
Selected prose for voice and documentary, 30 mins.
Photography and video editing/Jono Lomax. Directing/Yve Lomax. Graphics/Opal Morgen
pdf download: transcript, One after the other


Political Life/Yve Lomax
A film, a spoken performance, 55 mins.
Photography and video editing/Jono Lomax. Script editing/Vit Hopley
pdf download: script, Political Life
pdf download: a personal note, Yve Lomax


Postcards from the Edge: LOCKDOWN 04-06 2020