Reader’s Union

In 2015, Copy Press Reader’s Union both formulated and affirmed its endeavour: finding common spaces for readers and writers to delve into the possibilities and limitation of ‘coming together’ in our contemporary society. And what followed was a series of inspirational events—chronicled below—taking place, on cold winter’s evenings and hot summer’s nights, with people in very close proximity, in the cramped spaces of a wonderful long-established bookshop, the upstairs room of a pub that has radical history and, sometimes, a gallery floor.

Then came the covid-19 pandemic and ‘Lockdown’. Copy Press Reader’s Union  found itself having to ask again the very question with which it began: What are possibilities and limitations of ‘coming together’. A message was circulated—‘become fireflies and form again a community of flashes shining out, of dances in spite of all, of thoughts to transmit’. In the years that have followed this message gathered momentum to become what is now the calling of Copy Press Reader’s Union, and in the autumn of 2022 it brought the Reader’s Union together again.

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Mad about Justice


Inhabiting Spaces
Barbara Campbell-Lange
Ian Kiaer
Tim Renshaw

Travelling Distances
Brece Honeycutt
Julian Lass
Jess Potter

Becoming Fireflies
Postcards from the Edge : LOCKDOWN 04-06 2020

Memory as Force

Speaking Out Loud 1

Yellow Papers: Nearness

Reading and Revelation 1-3

‘I’ without guarantees 1-3
Yellow Papers: extracts and contributions

Translation, Friendship at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Programme Notes
A celebration of the writing of Ilse Aichinger
Yve Lomax, Introduction
Amélie Mourgue d’Algue
Olumide Popoola
NaoKo TakaHashi
Emily Jeremiah
Rebecca May Johnson
Kristen Kreider
Erica Jarnes with Emily Gray
Inspiring Austrian Woman: Ilse Aichinger – ACF Digital Salon

Copy Press at Foyles Blog
Yve Lomax Making Use


Developing Pure Means
Cecile Malaspina
Jess Potter

Developing Wednesday Afternoon
Edith Marie Pasquier
NaoKo TakaHashi

Developing Revisiting the Bonaventure
Adam Kaasa
Helen Kaplinsky
James O’Leary

Developing Common
Pauline de Souza
Sally O’Reilly

Developing Diagrams for Seriality
Roderick Harris
Franky Williams
Gillian Wylde
Response: Redell Olsen

Developing Days of Surrender
Gavin Everall
Yvette Greslé
Cherry Smyth

Developing Object of a Life
Ian Kiaer
Sarah Jones

Developing Paris
Anya Lewin
Catronia Andrews
Barbara Campbell-Lange
Peter le Couteur
Cordelia Mayfield
Amélie Mourgue d’Algue
Isobel Wohl
Susan Butler


Conway Hall, a Beginning
Who is the common intellectual?
Philippa Brewster, an Address