Murmurations by Vanessa Jackson




To read this book is to step into the studio of a painter. These writings, rich sources of information, share thoughts, processes and practices that together demonstrate links between geometry, visual perception, history and literature. Murmurations is constitutive of an ever-expanding studio and in its midst a life—a painter’s life—comes to take place.

Murmurations is a valuable and erudite gift to the reader. Vanessa Jackson pulls us into shifting and discursive thought- drifts in which we encounter a passion for the rigour of geometry, reflections on the design of the writing of Proust, the relationship between a tripod and a pyramid, Chopin pacing the lawn as he improvises in his head, the ways in which art might make and hold time. Above all, Murmurations viscerally embodies the artist in the studio, thinking alongside the voices of history and art history in the present tense.’ – Deborah Levy

Vanessa Jackson is an artist who has lived and worked in London since 1971. Dedicated to painting but on occasion deviates into printing, wall painting and pedestrian crossings. She has been Head of Painting at Winchester School of Art, MA/Research Tutor at the Royal College of Art and Senior Tutor at the Royal Academy Schools, and is now full time in the studio.

Publication Date: 30 September 2022
Format: 130mm x 195mm
Paperback Extent: 96pp
Drawings: 7 b&w
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ISBN: 978-1-909570-07-8
Trade Distribution: Central Books Ltd

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