Figure, calling by Yve Lomax




Think how much of your life is governed by division and separation. Lines are drawn, walls go up, borders are controlled and you, too, become separated from yourself. Now imagine division not working. Figure, calling presents such a possibility – it makes good sense shudder and takes you to a place you have never been.

With this oblique series of reflections on dominant imperatives to productivity, management and individualism, Yve Lomax assembles concepts and affects through the urgency of deactivation of use, of property, of atomised collectivity. From ‘as-if’ to ‘as-not’: calls and responses that turn other futures into an experience of real becoming. Figure, calling is a suggestive and moving book.’  Marina Vishmidt

Yve Lomax is a visual artist and writer. Her published works advance writing on photographic images, language and expression.

Publication Date: 30 October 2017
Format: 130mm x 195mm
Paperback Extent: 96pp
Prices: £10
ISBN: 978-1-909570-04-7
Trade Distribution: Central Books Ltd

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