Common by Hayley Newman



Through fact and fiction, questions and answers, writings from the heart and writing from the street,
Common chronicles one day of a Self-Appointed Artist-in-Residence in the City of London. Performances occur and reoccur as this book takes us to crashes in global markets, turbulence in the Euro-zone, riots on hot summer nights and the most extraordinary imaginings.


‘The financial sector in the City of London is often viewed as an impermeable, inaccessible block, and that perception is what gives it a lot of its power. In Common, Hayley Newman has subverted that, opening the City up through richly imaginative stories that are at once creative examples of how to play with the space, and empowering political actions. I hope this book will inspire others to embark on similar transformative adventures.’
Brett Scott

Hayley Newman is a performance artist interested in humour, fiction and documentary practices. She is committed to working collectively around the current economic and ecological crisis and is a member of the band The Gluts whose eco-electro musical Café Carbon was taken to the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009. She is a tutor on the doctorial studies programme at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Publication Date: March 2013
Format: 130mm x 195mm
Paperback Extent: 96pp
Prices: £10
ISBN: 978-0-9553792-6-0
Trade Distribution: Central Books Ltd

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