Blissful Islands by Vit Hopley



‘Blinding pools of black light dissolve into a rapid flux of light and shadow: a flurry of wings, phantoms, angelic hosts or attacking geese…’ Blissful Islands is a work of prose calling upon the revelatory force of language.  Open to the event of ‘now’, each and every word matters as the extraordinary comes to life in the familiar.

‘With an extreme economy of language, revealing an orientation toward quotidian wonders, Vit Hopley constructs glimpses of partial worlds. These brief visions, connected and disconnected, now here, now devastated, plunge us down below into the midst of things: a dead bird, an aging woman, a falling brick, porcelain cats on a windowsill, some daffodils and a dog’s howl. A composition in immediacy bundled together out of voices, places and things.’ Hélène Julia Frichot

Vit Hopley is an artist and writer. Blissful Islands follows on from her first collection of prose Wednesday Afternoon

Publication Date: 31 May 2018
Format: 130mm x 195mm
Paperback Extent: 96pp
Prices: £10
ISBN: 978-1-909570-05-4
Trade Distribution: Central Books Ltd

Available to purchase from Copy Press or your local bookshop
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