The idea of the COMMON INTELLECTUAL lies at the heart of Copy Press; it expresses not only a relation between author and editor, writer and reader but also an inclusivity that cherishes the common as that which never brings exclusive ownership or possession. It is here that ethos of Copy Press, named as the READER’S UNION, constitutes itself and finds momentum: not only do readers become irreducible to market forces but also there comes a pressing need for the development of a space where writers and readers can come together, further thought and enjoyment. Developing such common spaces is to delve into the possibilities and limitations of ‘coming together’ in our contemporary society.

Proposal for Housman’s bookshop events: Developing and Contact

A contemporary philosopher reiterating the words of Ludwig Feuerbach says that the truly philosophical element in every work, be it called literature, art or science (or whatever) is its capacity to be developed. Within the titles of Copy Press, this capacity or susceptibility of a work to be developed is precisely the moment when the reader steps in and, as it were, picks something up in order to take in further; thus, between author and reader, something common is produced that strictly speaking belongs to neither.

For each event, an author will invite 3 people to give a short 8–10min response/reading of their title from a perspective of what within it can be developed. For those invited, this perspective and the development it would offer will be sought in relation to their own concerns, interests or passions. The 3 people invited would be asked to further invite 3 or 4 people to participate in the event. The idea behind this is to make a gathering that has writers and readers making direct contact with each other. It is this coming together, speaking to each other, and celebration of speaking-being that is crucial to these events and where better to have this happen than a bookshop important for radical thought and publishing.

The first event would be called: Developing Pure Means led by Yve Lomax and gathering 30–35 people. Other authors of Copy Press titles would be invited to do likewise.